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About Me

The Jerico Hat Company Owner Suzanne

Hey, I'm Suzanne, and I opened The Jerico Hat Company online shop during lockdown. I make all the hats by hand out of second hand and reclaimed yarn. I live in a little hamlet called Jericho in the north of Greater Manchester.

I started making hats around 2010, myself and friends would be hanging out at someone's house and we all liked doing stuff with our hands. One day a friend taught us how to finger knit and we loved it; having a brew, having a chit-chat with your buddies and making a hat - it's a tonic for your mental well-being.

Years later, having had a career and experienced some of the ups and downs of life, I picked up a ball of wool again and remembered how much I loved making those hats. I started knitting and wasn't sure where it was going, but then the pandemic happened and during lockdown, after being furloughed and feeling unsure of what was ahead I decided to start the The Jerico Hat Company, and sell some of my creations online.

The Dream...