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Hilda - Large Handmade Hat

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Every Jerico Hat is unique and hand knitted with yarns reclaimed from unwanted garments.

This extra soft hat is made from 5 yarns; 2 soft black yarns, a neon fluffy pink, a vibrant teal and a bright green. It feels like it should have matching leg warmers! It has 2 ponytail kerfuffles and the customary tail at the back.

It will fit the average adult head and children around 12 and up, but has an extra bit of stretch to make it suitable for larger head sizes too.

The Jerico Hat Company is a Manchester based independent business with a keen focus on reducing waste, supporting local businesses and producing amazing hats that will make you smile.

Maybe your hat used to be a jumper, a bag of unwanted wool in the back of a wardrobe or a discarded scarf that was just so last season. At Jerico Hats we welcome these unloved materials and give them a new lease of life. Even the Jerico labels are made from reclaimed denim from old jeans and embroidered by a local family business.

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Please be aware; handmade items have quirks and character and at Jerico Hats we think this makes them all the better.

Made from mixed fibres. All reclaimed yarns are cleansed before use.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Size Chart

Head sizes vary a great deal, especially children’s. I’ve tried to give an idea of the sizes below but please be aware the ages are approximate and the hats are stretchy to accommodate as big a variance as possible.

New Born 0-1yrs 40-46cm £10-14
Baby 1-4yrs 47-52cm £16-20
Child 4-8yrs 53-56cm £22-28
Small 8-adult 57-59cm £26-32
Medium adult 60-62cm £28-36
Large adult 63-66cm £28-36

If a hat is not the right size just send it back with your head measurement and I’ll make you your own bespoke hat at no extra cost. Or if you prefer purchase a bespoke hat from the shop.

Prices vary depending on the amount of time taken to make the hat.